Northern Ireland's Priority Species


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The majority of text for each species has been written by the named Author(s). However, some of the sections have been specifically written in conjunction with Environment and Heritage Service (EHS). For example, the sections on Conservation of this species and Why is it a Priority/SOCC in Northern Ireland.

We are indebted to the following authors who provided text for this web site (correct as of March 07):

  • Vertebrates — Allen & Mellon Environmental Ltd., Professor Andy Ferguson, Lynne Rendle and Angela Ross
  • Invertebrates — Allen & Mellon Environmental Ltd., Dr Roy Anderson, Dr Garth Foster, Maurice Hughes, Dr Brian Nelson, Dr Julia Nunn and Bernard Picton
  • Lower Plants — Maria Cullen, David Holyoak, David Mitchel, Osborne Morton and Nick Stewart
  • Higher Plants — Dr Ralph Forbes, Paul Hackney and Shaun Wolfe-Murphy.

Authors are fully acknowledged at the end of their appropriate species account(s). Their full contact details are available from CEDaR - .

We are also indebted to Marianne McKeown for proof reading all accounts.

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