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Irish & British Marine Mollusca
entered in the Register held for the collections of
the National Museum of Ireland ~ Natural History

The information given here relates to the entries in the Register of the Natural History Museum, Dublin. When a donation was received or purchase made of material for the collections, an entry was hand-written into a Register (a foolscap book) outlining its details. A unique acquisition number was assigned to material acquired from 1877. This number takes the form NMINH year [of acquisition].[sequential]number.[sequential]specimen number e.g. NMINH 1975.90.1 - the first specimen in accession number 90 in the year 1975. The details listed below relate only to entries which included Irish or British marine molluscan specimens. The text is, in most cases, as originally entered, but some entries have been slightly edited.

In some cases, the material described in the Register has not been found recently in the collections. These entries have been indicated. This does not imply that the material has been lost from the collections. It is more likely that the labels have become separated from the specimens, and perhaps ultimately lost - there is considerable material in the collections which has no label. These specimens have been assigned an arbitrary Registration number of NMINH 1995.16 (the year in which this work was begun). Further research may be able to match specimens to Register entry.

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