Burnished Brass Noctuidae

Diachrysia chrysitis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Description: Wingspan 34-44 mm. Forewings light brown with a bright brass-like metallic suffusion from the basal area to the apex of the wing. The frons and patagium is normally brownish orange. Antemedian and post median lines are quite fine and not clearly defined. Hindwings dark fuscous with a yellow fringe.

Key Identification Features:

Sets:  male upperside

Flight Period: Mid-June until late August.

Status: Common and widely distributed across all counties including Rathlin Island.

Ecology: A distinctive moth and difficult to confuse with any other species. It is found in a variety of habitats including woodland and suburban gardens. Adults are come frequently to light and also to the flowers of Red Valerian Centranthus ruber, Buddleia Buddleja davidii and thistles Cirsium and Carduus spp. The larvae feed from the autumn through to spring on Common Nettle Urtica dioica, Marjoram Origanum vulgare and probably other low-growing plants. It overwinters as a larva.

World Distribution: Eurasiatic; common and widespread across western Europe from Portugal to central Fennoscandia.

Bradley & Fletcher number: 2434 Agassiz number: 73.012

Additional information:

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