Ruddy Highflyer Geometridae

Hydriomena ruberata (Freyer, 1831)

Description: Wingspan 32-37mm. Adults are mainly reddish brown but like other 'highflyers' prone to some variation in N. Ireland. The forewings are narrow and have dark cross-lines and a short, oblique apical streak.

Similar Species: May and July Highflyers

Key Identification Features:

Sets:  male upperside

Flight Period: From the beginning of May to mid-June.

Status: Widely distributed in southern counties. Reported from Rathlin Island, Antrim in the 1980s, but otherwise rare north of Lough Neagh. Refound in Tyrone at Annaloughan Bog, Davagh Forest and Rehaghy. These are first recent records for the county since the early part of the 20th century, when it was recorded from Favour Royal and the Cookstown area. Other recent records include Legatillida, Tullyreagh Bridge and Carrowmaculla Lough, Fermanagh, also Lackan Bog and Belvoir Park, Down.

Ecology: A species associated with heaths, damp woodland, and wet marshy areas. Skinner states that adults can be found at rest on tree trunks and fence posts. The larvae can be found from July until September on willows Salix spp. It overwinters as a pupa.

World Distribution: Throughout Europe as far as Japan and north America.

Bradley & Fletcher number: 1779 Agassiz number: 70.076

Additional information:

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