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  • Hippeutis complanatus (Linnaeus 1758) Flat ramshorn
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Hippeutis complanatus
© Dr Roy Anderson
Hippeutis complanatus
© Dr Roy Anderson

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Shell a flattened, compressed coil with angulate periphery i.e. lens-shaped. Surface smooth, glossy. Body whorl deep with large aperture strongly angled in the middle and constricted by the convexity of the previous whorl.

Key characteristics

  • A glossy, flattened, lens-shaped shell
  • Periphery angled and body whorl angled in the middle
  • Lower and upper surfaces equally convex
  • Umbilicus wide and shallow


3-5 mm.

World Distribution

Found across central and northern Europe to western Siberia. Distribution type: Eurosiberian Wide-temperate (64).

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Irish Distribution

Fairly common across the central plain but rare towards the west and north.


  • Most records are for clear, weedy habitats in waters of moderate hardness
  • There are relatively few recent records and it may be in decline in some areas e.g. north-eastern counties

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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