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  • Deroceras (Deroceras) reticulatum (O. F. Müller 1774) Grey field slug
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Deroceras (Deroceras) reticulatum
© Dr Roy Anderson
Deroceras (Deroceras) reticulatum
© Dr Roy Anderson

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A small to medium slug with uniformly oatmeal-coloured body but with darker grooves on the back and often with dark spots, especially on the mantle. Pale forms are indistinguishable from the much rarer Deroceras agreste. Ubiquitous except on high ground.

Key characteristics

  • A small to medium-sized buff or oatmeal-coloured slug usually with darker spots, especially on the mantle
  • Mucus colourless but turns milky readily when disturbed
  • Sole buff
  • Keel short
  • Respiratory pore towards the rear of the mantle
  • Mantle with fine concentric grooves centred on the breathing pore, therefore off-centre


35-50 mm.

World Distribution

Occurs naturally from north and west Europe into Siberia but has been spread by man to most parts of the world. Distribution type: Eurosiberian Boreo-temperate (55).

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Irish Distribution

Probably the commonest Irish land mollusc but rarely found on acid peat or above the 300m contour.


  • The only habitats where it is unlikely to be found are raised or blanket peat or exposed ground above 300m.
  • Ubiquitous and very variable in size and colouration
  • A notable pest of winter barley and some root crops

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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