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  • Cochlodina (Cochlodina) laminata (Montagu 1803) Plaited Door Snail
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Cochlodina (Cochlodina) laminata
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Like other members of the Clausiliidae the shell is sinistral, fusiform or club-shaped with a long narrow spire, but only gradual tapering on the upper whorls. Shells of C. laminata are large, broadly fusiform, of 11-12 whorls and with a rather blunt apex . Aperture is pear shaped with strongly developed parietal and columellar lamellae. Surface glossy to weakly glossy with faint irregular growth lines, yellow-brown to mid brown in colour and translucent. Very local in old woods.

Key characteristics

  • Shell large, 15-17 mm. tall
  • Narrowly fusiform (barrel-shaped) with gradually tapering upper whorls
  • Surface smooth weakly to strongly glossy with faint growth (radial) lines
  • Shell translucent and yellow-brown to mid-brown in colour
  • Aperture pear shaped with strong parietal and columellar lamellae


15-17 mm.

World Distribution

Mainly central European and becoming much more localised towards Atlantic coasts. Distribution type: European Temperate (73).

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Irish Distribution

Very localised and uncommon except for a large part of south Fermanagh and adjacent areas of Co. Cavan around Cuilcagh Mountain. Other localities include Lough Gill, Co. Sligo, Killinure, L. Ree, Co. Westmeath and Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow.


  • An arboreal species associated with areas of ancient woodland
  • Most frequent in limestone areas
  • Usually seen ascending the trunks of smooth-boled trees such as beech or ash after rain

Red List status

  • Vulnerable (VU).

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