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  • Cochlicopa cf. lubrica (O. F. Müller 1774) Slippery or moss snail
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Cochlicopa cf. lubrica
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A shining barrel-shaped, golden-brown to brown shell. Extremely glossy and smooth and slippery in the hand. Relatively broad with convex whorls and deep sutures. Ubquitous in moss and litter up to moderate altitudes.

Key characteristics

  • A small shining, golden-brown shell
  • Slippery and smooth
  • Overall shape broad, with convex whorls and moderately deep sutures


5.5-7 mm.

World Distribution

Found throughout Europe and across Siberia to the Pacific and south to China. Also in northern North America. Distribution type: Circumpolar Wide Temperate (66).

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Irish Distribution

Fairly ubiquitous except for high ground or areas of deep peat.


  • Its English name, the moss snail, describes its usual niche
  • Common in hedgerows, woods, rough pasture and waste places
  • In peatlands, mainly around the margins but readily colonises sites of former habitation which have lime mortar constructed walls

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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