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  • Aegopinella pura (Alder 1830) Clear glass snail
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Aegopinella pura
© Dr Roy Anderson
Aegopinella pura
© Dr Roy Anderson

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A delicate little shell with a broad, flattened spire of 3 whorls. Umbilicus wide. Surface silky dull with faint irregular radial growth lines crossed by delicate spiral striae. Widespread.

Key characteristics

  • A small, whitish flattened shell of 3 whorls
  • Surface silky rather than glossy with irregular radial growth lines crossed by delicate spiral striae
  • Colour susually white but may be yellow-brown
  • Animal pale grey to dark grey
  • Umbilicus wide


3.5-4.2 mm.

World Distribution

Found across Europe except for the extreme north and extreme south. Distribution type: European Temperate (73).

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Irish Distribution

Widely distributed and fairly common.


  • Very common in most broadleaf woodlands, particularly where beech trees are present
  • Also in a variety of other shaded habitats, in moss, leaf litter and tussocks
  • Not common on acid soils.

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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