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  • Acroloxus lacustris (Linnaeus 1758) Lake limpet
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Acroloxus lacustris
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A small, elongate, limpet-like shell with a sharp apex twisted to the left, found widely on the stems of emergent vegetation and macrophytes in still waters.

Key characteristics

  • A small, yellow-brown, limpet-like shell
  • Laterally compressed and elongate with a sharp apex which is twisted to the left
  • Found closely adhering to immersed plant stems in still water


4-7 mm.

World Distribution

Found across Europe to western and central Siberia. Distribution type: Eurosiberian Wide Temperate (64).

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Irish Distribution

Widely distributed in the central plain and northwards to Loughs Neagh and Erne but absent from large areas of the west and north.


  • Prefers still water in lakes, pools and slow rivers
  • Crawls, closely adhering, on the stems of tall marginal vegetation or submerged macrophytes
  • Mainly confined to waters of moderate to high base status
  • Rare exceptions include pools in acidic interdrumlin fens where it is probably relict from the earlier, lacustrine stages of fen development

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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