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  • Ashfordia granulata (Alder 1830) Silky snail
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Ashfordia granulata
© Dr Roy Anderson
Ashfordia granulata
© Dr Roy Anderson

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A small, depressed-globular shell with low spire and 5-6 convex whorls with deep sutures. Aperture rounded with a very thin or no internal rib. Surface slightly glossy, translucent, whitish to pale brown, covered with stiff straight hairs. Local in Ireland and commonest near the south coast.

Key characteristics

  • A small, depressed-globular hairy shell
  • Surface slightly glossy, translucent and whitish or pale brown
  • Shell ornamented with stiff, straight, pale hairs with a bulbous base
  • Aperture rounded with a very thin or no internal rib
  • Umbilicus very narrow, covered by the reflected columellar lip
  • Animal pale grey to bluish-grey


7-9 mm.

World Distribution

A western European species found in the British Isles and a few places in north-west France and north-west Spain. Distribution type: Oceanic Temperate (71).

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Irish Distribution

Mainly recorded from southern and south-western counties with scattered localities up the west coast to Inishowen in Co. Donegal. Its patchy distribution is difficult to account for but may be due to a sensitivity to grazing pressure in the lightly wooded habitats it prefers.


  • In Ireland it has been recorded mostly from light hazel scrub, along hedgerows and in scrubby pasture (Anderson, 1977, 1983, 1992b)
  • In Co. Waterford it is common near the coast in domestic gardens and along hedgerows

Red List status

  • Near threatened (NT).

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