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  • Arion (Carinarion) silvaticus Lohmander 1937 Heath slug
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Arion (Carinarion) silvaticus
© Dr Roy Anderson
Arion (Carinarion) silvaticus
© Dr Roy Anderson
Arion (Carinarion) silvaticus
© Dr Roy Anderson

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Arion (Carinarion) silvaticus
© Dr Roy Anderson

A 'keeled' roundback slug, grey on the back without any darker spots, with broad, dark, lateral bands, white sides below the bands and white sole. The 'keel' consists of a line of tubercles on the back i.e. not a real keel. Widespread in acid grassland and heaths.

Key characteristics

  • A roundback slug with grey back, broad, dark lateral bands, and white sides below the bands, and with white sole
  • The 'keel' consists of pale, raised tubercles along the back; these are evident in both adults and young, but more conspicuous in the young
  • Mucus sticky, clinging, colourless
  • Contracts into a bell shape
  • Sole an opaque pure white


30-38 mm.

World Distribution

Mainly middle and northern latitudes in Europe. Distribution type: European Temperate (73).

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Irish Distribution

Widespread and usually common.


  • A characteristic species of exposed upland grass and heath
  • It can occur in some woodland types with A. circumscriptus, particularly grazed valley hazel woods in the west
  • Also in agricultural grasslands and occasionally in gardens

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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