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  • Vitrina pellucida (O. F. Müller 1774) Pellucid glass snail
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Vitrina pellucida
© Dr Roy Anderson
Vitrina pellucida
© Dr Roy Anderson

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A 'semi-slug' with flattened, globular shell with a large body whorl and aperture and small, depressed spire. Fragile and transparent greenish with 3-4 whorls. Animal pale grey with darker head and tentacles but large in comparison with the shell and unable to completely retreat into it. Common.

Key characteristics

  • A medium-small semi-slug with more globular shell than Semilimax
  • Body whorl large with a small, depressed spire
  • Shell fragile and transparent greenish in colour
  • Animal pale grey with darker head and tentacles and larger than the shell


4.5-6.0 mm.

World Distribution

Found across central and northern Europe to the High Arctic. Distribution type: Circumpolar Boreo-temperate (56).

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Irish Distribution

Widespread and common.


  • A winter species, adults ovipositing in winter and disappearing in the spring, with eggs hatching in early summer
  • Very common in all kinds of shaded or wet places including coastal dune slacks but becoming more scattered in acidic terrain and towards the west

Red List status

  • Laest consern (lc).

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