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  • Vertigo (Vertigo) lilljeborgi (Westerlund 1871) Lilljeborg

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Shell dextral. Relatively broad, barrel-shaped, like V. antivertigo. Aperture small and lip thin, unlike that species. Aperture with 4 finer denticles: 1 parietal; 1 columellar; 2 palatal. Shell glossy, mid brown with tumid whorls. Local, lakeshores in the west only.

Key characteristics

  • A very small, tumid shell glossy and mid brown in colour
  • Aperture small and lip thin without indent
  • Four small teeth: 1 parietal; 1 columellar; 2 palatal


1.9-2.2 mm.

World Distribution

Found in Denmark, most of Scandinavia and the British Isles. Distribution type: Suboceanic Boreo-temperate (52).

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Irish Distribution

This species is very locally distributed in the western half of Ireland on swampy lakeshores. It has recently been found at four sites in south Fermanagh (pers. comm. of G.A. Holyoak) which extends its range into Northern Ireland.


  • Appears to be confined to exposed lakeshores on limestone
  • Lives in lakeshore flushes or strand-line jetsam
  • Often very difficult to locate, even in known localities

Red List status

  • Vulnerable (VU).

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