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  • Trochulus (Trochulus) striolatus (C. Pfeiffer 1828) Strawberry snail
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Trochulus (Trochulus) striolatus
© Dr Roy Anderson
Trochulus (Trochulus) striolatus
© Dr Roy Anderson

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A medium-sized globular shell with depressed, low, conical spire. Whorls convex, with moderately deep sutures and last whorl noticeably angled on the periphery. Umbilicus medium-sized. Whitish to yellow-brown or red-brown with rather coarse irregular growth lines and often a pale band on the angled periphery. Hairless when adult, with scattered coarse hairs when juvenile. Widespread.

Key characteristics

  • A medium-sized, depressed-globular shell
  • Whorls convex with moderately deep sutures
  • Periphery noticeably angled
  • Umbilicus moderately wide and deep
  • Shell dull to slightly glossy with coarse growth lines, whitish translucent to dark red-brown, often with a faint pale peripheral band
  • Hairless when adult


11-15 mm.

World Distribution

Confined to western Europe from the British Isles east to northern France and central and southern Germany. Distribution type: Suboceanic Temperate (72).

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Irish Distribution

Common throughout, but scarce in highland areas.


  • A garden pest nicknamed the strawberry snail and typical of synanthropic (humanly disturbed) habitats
  • Locally abundant in woodland, scrub, waste ground and around old buildings and gardens
  • Within sites typically concentrated in nettle beds or along old walls


The form of this species found in Ireland is given as abludens Locard 1888 by Moorkens & Speight (2001) and by Ellis (1969).

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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