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  • Testacella (Testacella) scutulum Sowerby 1820 Shield slug
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Testacella (Testacella) scutulum
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The least rare shelled slug in Ireland. Ground colour yellow to whitish, flecked dark brown over most of the upper surface, a colour which fades rapidly in alcohol. Foot fringe and sole deep yellow to orange. Shell small and nearly triangular with the upper end of columella sharply truncate, 6-7 mm. long. Widespread in southern counties.

Key characteristics

  • A moderate-sized yellowish slug, spotted darker, and with a small shell perched near the tail
  • Foot fringe and sole yellow to orange
  • Shell small and with the upper end sharply truncate, 6-7 mm. long
  • Generally much smaller than either of the other two Testacella in Ireland


50-70 mm

World Distribution

Very similar to that of T. haliotidea. Distribution type: Mediterranean-Atlantic (91).

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Irish Distribution

Scattered but less rare than other species. Not uncommon in Mid Cork and around Cork City in broadleaf woods or on waste ground and in gardens.


  • An earthworm predator living in deep, friable loams where it hunts its prey
  • Prefers warm soils over limestone
  • Usually in sheltered woodland margins or in gardens

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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