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  • Testacella (Testacella) haliotidea Draparnaud 1801 Shelled slug
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Testacella (Testacella) haliotidea
© Dr Roy Anderson
Testacella (Testacella) haliotidea
© Dr Roy Anderson

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Generally larger than the other two species, dull creamy-white or yellowish above without darker markings or with only faint brownish spots. Foot fringe and sole yellowish or whitish. Shell small and nearly triangular, 7-8 mm. long. Rare but very probably under-recorded.

Key characteristics

  • A large yellowish-brown slug with small external shell perched near the tail
  • -Colour not as variable as in the other species, yellowish to dull creamy-white without spotting, or at most with a scattering of pale brown spots
  • Foot fringe and sole whitish
  • Shell small, 7-8 mm. long and without a hooked apex


80-120 mm.

World Distribution

Distributed from the British Isles along coasts in Europe to north Africa and into the western Mediterranean. Distribution type: Mediterranean-Atlantic (91).

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Irish Distribution

This species has always been localised and rare in Ireland with sites mainly in the south and west. There is only a single recent record, for Blarney Co. Cork.


  • Like other Testacella, a species of rich, deep loams where it predates earthworms.

Red List status

  • Vulnerable (VU).

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