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  • Succinea putris (Linnaeus 1758) Large amber snail
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Succinea putris
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A large, translucent reddish or yellowish-brown shell with relatively flat whorls and shallow sutures. Aperture much greater than 50% of shell height. Spire very short. Animal often light in colour. Widespread.

Key characteristics

  • A large yellow-brown to reddish shell with massive body whorl and small spire
  • Whorls relatively flat and with shallow sutures
  • Aperture much greater than 50% of shell height
  • Animal usually shades of grey, very rarely dark
  • Much larger when full grown than other amber snails


10-18 mm.

World Distribution

Not extending much into the northern or southern fringes of Europe. Distribution type: Eurosiberian Temperate (74).

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Irish Distribution

Widespread and fairly common throughout Ireland, except the extreme north and north-west. In northern counties it is more or less confined to river valleys and lakeshores in the Lough Neagh and Lough Erne basins with outliers around Derry City.


  • Inhabits tall marginal or fen vegetation on mesotrophic or eutrophic riverbanks and lakeshores
  • Climbs high on vegetation unlike Oxyloma elegans with which it frequently occurs

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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