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  • Pisidium nitidum Jenyns 1832 Shining pea mussel

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A slightly tumid, regularly oval shell with low umbos slightly behind the mid point. Umbonal area demarcated by three concentric furrows. Surface very glossy, with prominent irregularly spaced concentric striae. Colour yellowish. Widespread and common.

Key characteristics

  • A very glossy shell
  • Moderately tumid and a fairly regular oval in outline
  • Umbos low and slightly behind the middle
  • Umbonal area with three concentric furrows
  • Surface with prominent, irregularly spaced, concentric striae
  • Colour yellowish



World Distribution

Distribution type: Circumpolar Wide-temperate (66).

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Irish Distribution

Widespread and common throughout but especially in the centre and east.


  • Prefers moderately rich but clean, still or slow-flowing habitats in larger rivers or lakes
  • It can occur in marsh drains and streams but only where water conditions are suitable
  • Absent from highland or peaty biotopes

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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