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  • Oxyloma (Oxyloma) sarsii (Esmark 1886) Slender amber snail
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Oxyloma (Oxyloma) sarsii
© Dr Roy Anderson
Oxyloma (Oxyloma) sarsii
© Dr Roy Anderson

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The Irish form of this species is indistinguishable from some forms of Oxyloma elegans (see first photograph of that species). Often more laterally compressed and taller than that species. Can only be reliably identified by dissection. Very rare and localised.

Key characteristics

  • A medium-sized shell with very large body whorl
  • Generaly more laterally compressed than Oxyloma elegans
  • Only reliably separated from O. elelgans by dissection


10-14 mm.

World Distribution

Scattered in north and central Europe to northern Scandinavia. Distribution type: Suboceanic Boreo-temperate (52).

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Irish Distribution

Added to the Irish List by Holyoak & Holyoak (2004) on the banks of the R. Shannon north of Portumna, south-east Galway. Evidently overlooked by others and may turn out to be widespread in the middle and southern reaches of the Shannon System. Since recorded from six further sites, clustered near the Shannon and on the Grand Canal near Victoria Lock and Shannon Harbour, Co. Offaly (Holyoak, 2006).


  • Like O. elegans the usual niche is mud or low vegetation on lake and river margins
  • More frequently climbs tall marginal vegetation
  • Only on the margins of large, permanent water bodies

Red List status

  • Data deficient

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