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  • Oxychilus (Oxychilus) cellarius (O. F. Müller 1774) Cellar snail
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Oxychilus (Oxychilus) cellarius
© Dr Roy Anderson
Oxychilus (Oxychilus) cellarius
© Dr Roy Anderson
Oxychilus (Oxychilus) cellarius
© Dr Roy Anderson

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Shell a very flattened coil of 5-6 whorls. Whorls with almost flush sutures (appearing channeled!) and with flattened spire. Surface very glossy, pale brown. Umbilicus moderately wide. Animal mid to dark blue-grey with conspicuous brown spotting on the mantle edge.

Key characteristics

  • A very glossy, falttened shell of medium size
  • Sutures almost flat and appearing channelled
  • Umbilicus moderately wide
  • Shell pale brown, rarely colourless, animal mid to dark blue-grey with a conspicuously brown-spotted mantle edge
  • Only a faint odour or no odour of garlic when irritated


9-14 mm.

World Distribution

With a similar European distribution to O. alliarius but not reaching as far north in Scandinavia. Distribution type: Suboceanic Temperate (72).

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Irish Distribution

Widespread and usually abundant.


  • Ubiquitous in wet shaded places including gardens, old hedgerows, scrub and ruined buildings
  • The Irish form of this species ("Vitrea hibernica Kennard") is larger and more deeply coloured in the body and mantle than British forms, approaching the size and colour of O. draparnaudi, .but lacking the darkened edge to the mantle - this form is widespread in old woodland throughout Ireland
  • In many disturbed sites a smaller, less deeply coloured form occurs - this is assumed to be the common British form present as a naturalized introduction

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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