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  • Nesovitrea (Perpolita) hammonis (Ström 1765) Rayed glass snail
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Nesovitrea (Perpolita) hammonis
© Dr Roy Anderson
Nesovitrea (Perpolita) hammonis
© Dr Roy Anderson

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Shell a flattened, glossy coil of 3½ whorls with well-marked radial striae. Whorls flattened above with shallow sutures. Umbilicus moderately wide. Shell translucent pale brown, colourless or greenish. Animal dark. Common.

Key characteristics

  • A small, glossy, flattened shell with well-marked radial striae
  • Colour variable - translucent brown, colourless or greenish
  • Whorls flattened above with a shallow suture
  • Animal dark in colour


3.5-4.2 mm.

World Distribution

Described in older works as Circumpolar but the form in North America (Nesovitrea electrina (Gould)) is now regarded as specifically distinct (Pilsbry, 1948). Range therefore Eurasian Wide-temperate (65).

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Irish Distribution

Ubiquitous in woods and wet places.


  • Common in wet places in woods
  • Also in unimproved pasture, heaths and marshes
  • Tolerant of soil acidity and one of the few shelled molluscs found on blanket peat and at altitude

Red List status

  • Least concern (lc).

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