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  • Myosotella denticulata (Montagu 1803) Mouse-eared snail
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Myosotella denticulata
© Dr Roy Anderson
Myosotella denticulata
© Dr Roy Anderson

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Very similar to Myosotella myosotis but smaller and less broad with a tendency to be paler in colour, often almost white. The outer lip in mature specimens has more than one, up to three or four denticles. Habitat is different from that of M. myosotis, living in fully marine conditions rather than sheltered estuaries.

Key characteristics

  • Like a smaller and paler Myosotella myosotis
  • The outer lip has more than one, and up to three or four (exceptionally seven) denticles and the columella has two, sometimes three, thickenings or lamellae
  • The denticles may be far inside the shell depending upon the stage of growth or partly covered in shelly nacre so it is wise to examine a series from any one locality
  • Shell dull, whitish to pale brown
  • Body whorl greater than half total height
  • Whorls flattened and sutures shallow


5./5-7.2 mm.

World Distribution

Probably with a similar range to M. myosotis but ithis is imperfectly known.

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Irish Distribution

Local and somewhat rare in inlets along the Irish coast, but not in fully estuarine conditions nor on very exposed coasts.


  • Fully marine localities are preferred, though usually with some shelter
  • This species is predominantly white shelled like Leucophytia bidentata with which it may occur, but the shell is larger and much thinner than that species
  • Found under stones on gravelly or clayey foreshores


Myosotella myosotis and M. denticulata have only recently been recognized as distinct species in the British Isles (Anderson, 2005). All older works lump the two species together as forsm of M. myosotis.

Red List status

  • Data deficient.

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