"Bluelight" Exped., Eastern Pacific (US Fish Commission)
Reported:Hexactinellida - Schulze 1899

British Sponges
Early collections made by such people as Montagu, Sowerby, Couch, Ray, Pallas, Pennant, Bellamy, Jameson, Parfitt, Waller, Templeton, etc., have become scattered throughout museums in the UK. Their existence and present location is being checked at the present time.

British North Polar Exped., 1875, "Alert" & "Discovery"
Reported:?Carter 1877
Located:BMNH (pars)

Deutschen Nordpolar Exped., 1863 (?), "Germania"
Reported:Hexactinellida - Schulze 1899, 1900
Located:BMNH (pars)

Deutschen Nordpolar Exped., 1869-70, "Germania"
Reported:Siliceous sponges - Schmidt 1874
Located:Strasbourg ?

Ellis & Solander Sponges
Located:? - "corals used to be at Glasgow" [Sherborn 1940]

Esper's Sponges
Reported:1791, 1794, 1798, 1805-6
Located:'Esper's sponges were formerly in the Zoological Institute, Erlangen. Dry specimens bearing Ehlers' identifications are still there (1969), mounted on wooden pedestals (documented by an autographed letter by Ehlers), but their identity with Esper's sponges need to be verified.' Stephens (1915:458) mentions that they were moved to München, but if so, they were destroyed during the 2nd world war, together with all the documentation. "Confirmed by curator in 1969 that no trace of Esper's sponges are in München." [Wiedenmayer 1985; see: Wiedenmayer 1977:59] MZS - note Hermann sponges in Strasbourg (Topsent 1920: 320; Topsent 1930: 17) ZMB - "some slides are in Berlin." [Wiedenmayer 1983] Exped. Antarctique belge, 1897-99, "Belgica"
Reported:Topsent 1901
Located:MNHN ?

Fabricius Sponges
Located:"If they still exist, at the Hunterian in Glasgow." [Sherborn 1940] "Germania" see: Deutschen Nordpolar Exped., 1863 (?) Deutschen Nordpolar Exped., 1869-70

"Investigator" Exped., Indian Ocean, 1885-98
Reported:Hexactinellida - Schulze 1894, 1895, 1900 Triaxonia - Schulze 1902
Located:BMNH (pars)

"Investigator" Exped., Indian Ocean
Reported:Hexactinellida & Tetraxonida (pars) - Dendy & Burton 1926 Tetraxonida (pars) & Euceratosa - Burton 1928
Located:Calcutta Museum ? BMNH (pars)

Linnaeus Sponges
Located:"No sponges listed by A. Holm (1957) when he made an inventory of collections at Uppsala." [Wiedenmayer 1969] "Perhaps some specimens at ZMC, but need confirmation." [Tendal 1985]

"Mocassin" Exped. (US Fish Commission)
Reported:Schulze 1899

Nardo Sponges
"Types in the hands of daughter (in Venezia, Italy), in 1933; labels mixed and only a few identifiable (teste M. Burton)" [Sherborn 1940]

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