Allan Hancock Foundation
(in the process of being - transferred to the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History over next five years [Bakus 1985])
- includes much unidentified material from the Hancock Expeds. to Galapagos, Baja California and Mexico
- Central Pacific, Fanning Island atoll small encrusters
- generically identified voucher specimens collected for their biochemical potential, from the Caribbean & Indo-Pacific
- miscellaneous collections from Alaska, California, Mexico, Hawaii & Maldives
Amsterdam (ZMA)
- c. 200 specimens collected by Prof. Stock in the Red Sea, Mauritius and Madagascar
Australian Museum (AM)
- large general collection (including c. 1,500 specimens from J.B. Wilson)
- all the collections a massed by the Roche Research Institute of Marine Pharmacology (part provisionally identified by Bergquist)
British Columbia Provincial Museum, Victoria
- Eastern Pacific sponges, half identified by B. Ott & W.C. Austin (c. 400 lots?)
France, CENTOB
- recent cruises made by: "Charcot", "Suroit", "Noroit" (pars)
Institute of Ocean Sciences, Sidney, British Columbia
- primarily fjord and deep water sponges collected off British Columbia
Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Wormley, UK
- Antarctic, South & North Atlantic material collected annually from 1937 to present day
Leningrad (ZIL)
- very large collections made by several Russian Arctic & West Pacific Expeds., (1898-1985), and Soviet Antarctic & sub-Antarctic Expeds. (1955-1977).
- large general collections from the Pacific, Indian & Atlantic oceans and many other seas.
London (BMNH)
material from all oceans and seas, including unworked residue from several earlier Expeds. & Colls. reported by Dendy, Kirkpatrick and Burton
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard Univ., Cambridge (MCZ)
- much unidentified material from the "Atlantis" Exped. to Cuba
- some material from the "Hasler" Exped.
- general collections from Woods Hole area made over the years
National Museum of Victoria, Melbourne (NMV)
- well documented material (c. 1,400 lots) from recent surveys (from late 1950's) of Victoria & Tasmania
- also, material from older collections (e.g. J.B. Wilson)
New Zealand Oceanographic Institute, Wellington
- unidentified shelf & deep water collections from south Pacific area, New Zealand to Kermadecs, Campbell plateau, Ross Sea, etc.
Ottawa National Museums of Canada
- eastern Pacific mainly, but some western Atlantic specimens, partly sorted to families (c. 450 lots)
Paris (MNHN)
- "Marion Dufresne" collections (pars) made in the sub-Antarctic near Crozet, St. Paul, Amsterdam, Kerguelen, Bouvet islands, etc.
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla
- western Pacific deep-sea specimens with collection data only
Senckenberg, Frankfurt (NMS)
- Red Sea collection made by the "Meteor" in 1978
- Gulf of Suez collected by Banwarth in 1913

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