Allan Hancock Foundation -
includes material studied by Bakus, including his San Juan Archipelago poeciloscleridans (1966). - in addition, there is Eltanin Antarctic material identified but not published by Little (part in BMNH)
Australian Museum, Sydney (AM) -
includes material studied by Lendenfeld, Dendy, Hallmann, Whitelegge and Bergquist - also, many fragments of Australian sponges sent from the BM (Dendy 1891:2) - there is an excellent collection of dry sponges - all AM types have been photographed by Lévi - negatives of Australian types photographed in AM, London, Berlin and Jena, deposited in Sydney by Wiedenmayer in 1985
East Berlin (ZMB)
includes primary types of many species described by: Arndt, Lendenfeld and Weltner. Also includes collections reported by: Baer (1906) - Carter (1879) - Lebwohl (1914) Lindgren (1897, 1898) - Uliczka (1921, 1929)
Firenze, Museo di Storia Naturale "La Specola" -
Sara's types of his Fireland study
Genève, Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle -
includes primary types of Nouvelle Calédonie and Baie d'Amboine collections studied by Faundez-Desqueyroux
Genova, Istituto di Zoologia -
includes primary types and much other material studied by Sarà, Pulitzer-Finali and Pansini
Khoyatan Marine Laboratory, British Columbia, Canada -
primarily consists of sponges collected from Washington, British Columbia and Alaska (c. 1000 lots, three quarters identified by B. Ott & W.C. Austin representing 192 species out of 202 known species in area. [Eventually to be deposited in the British Columbia Provincial Museum & the National Museums of Canada, Ottawa]
Leningrad (ZIL) -
includes sponges studied by Koltun
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, USA -
includes W.H. Dall material (pars) collected in Alaska, etc. "which may have been identified by (MCZ) Lambe, 1893, 1894 & 1895" [Austin 1985] - contains c. 3,000 specimens all internally catalogued (on file cards) up to 1976, including 67 primary types (9 missing). Type list available.
Napoli, Museo della Stazione Zoologica -
includes primary types of Sarà's studies on the Bay of Naples
Paris (MNHN) -
includes primary types of Lévi, Vacelet, Borojevic, Boury-Esnault, Greissinger, and Pouliquen, and paratypes of Faundez-Desqueyroux (Nouvelle Calédonie). - also, there is early material of Valenciennes
Peabody Museum of Natural History (YPM) -
includes primary types of Hartman and Hechtel (1965)
Smithsonian Institution (USNM) -
includes material studied by Rützler, and also: Old (1941) - Wells et al (1960) - Little (1963) Bergquist (Palau, 1965) - Bakus (1966) Wiedenmayer (1977)
Wellington, National Museum of New Zealand (NMNZ) -
includes primary types of Bergquist
Wellington, New Zealand - Oceanographic Institute -
includes primary types of Bergquist (1968, 1970)

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