Recent Sponge Collections Considered Lost

Museu Bocage, Lisboa, Portugal
It was reported in the newspapers that the Museum was burnt down on 18/19 March, 1978, by a right-wing group called the 'Commandos in Defense of Western Civilization.' The sponge collection, particularly the Hexactinellida, described by J.V. Barboza du Bocage (1864, 1865, 1867, 1871) has been destroyed.
Wm. Borlase Cornish Sponges
"Given to the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, in 1758 - none survived." [Sherborn 1940]
Dybowsky's Sponges
"The collection is lost, though it is possible that single specimens may be found later in Poland or Russia." [Koltun 1979]
Lamouroux Sponges
Reported:1816, 1821
Located:"Collection was at Caens but was destroyed during the 2nd world war." [Lévi 1986]
Pallas' Sponges
Located:"Collection was destroyed by a fire in Kustrin, in 1758 during the seven year's war." [Wiedenmayer 1977:64]
Seba Sponges
Seba was a wealthy Dutchman who amassed the richest collection of natural history objects of his day. His private museum was purchased by Peter the Great and removed to St. Petersburg in 1717, but what it contained is unknown. He amassed a second collection which was auctioned in 1752 and was dispersed throughout Europe. A copy of the auction catalogue (together with a list of buyers and the objects they purchased) is lodged at the Library of University of Amsterdam. As specimen labelling was not properly established at that time, it is doubtful whether Seba material could ever be authenticated. [van Soest 1979]
Source references: Engel, H. 1937 Svenska Linne-Sällskapets Arskrift 20: 75-100
Engel, H. 1961 BulI. Res. Council Israel. Series B, Zoology 1OB (1-2): 119-131
Selenka Sponges
"1867 types are no longer in Göttingen. Except for some slides left in Berlin (ZMB) by Thiele, this collection must be presumed to be lost." [Wiedenmayer 1983]
Cawne Warren's Gulf of Manaar Coll.
Reported:Carter 1880, 1881
Located:Liverpool Free Museum, UK (now Merseyside County Museums). Collection was destroyed during an air-raid in 1941.

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