Dudresnaya verticillata (Withering) Le Jolis

Dudresnaya verticillata

Description: An erect frond arising from a discoid holdfast to lengths of 20 or 30 cms and a diameter of about 2 mm. Branches irregular, the whole thallus soft, gelatinous and easily squashed. Composed of whorls of fine short filaments repeatedly branched.

Habitat: Uncommon. Generally epilithic from the upper sublittoral to over 13 m depth.

Distribution: Widely distributed, but mainly on the western shores of the British Isles. Europe: Mediterranean, the Baltic, Norway and Sweden. Further afield: Canary Islands.

Distribution Map: NBN map : National Biodiversity Network mapping facility, data for UK.

WoRMS: Species record : World Register of Marine Species.

iNaturalist: Species account : iNaturalist World Species Observations database

 Morton, O. & Picton, B.E. (2016). Dudresnaya verticillata (Withering) Le Jolis. [In] Encyclopedia of Marine Life of Britain and Ireland.
https://www.habitas.org.uk/marinelife/species.asp?item=ZM2610 Accessed on 2024-03-01

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