Ascidia mentula O F Müller, 1776

Ascidia mentula

Description: The body is oval and attached on one side to the substratum. The test is thick and cartilaginous, usually pink in colour,in reasonably well-lit places, grey in silty areas or deeper water. The oral siphon is wide but short, with eight small pointed white lobes around it. The atrial siphon is halfway along the body. 50-100mm long.

Habitat: Commonly found on vertical or overhanging surfaces, wrecks and rock faces. Many individuals are usually found together in suitable habitats.

Ecology: A long-lived species which produces small eggs.

Distribution: Generally distributed around the British Isles and elsewhere from Norway to the Mediterranean.

Similar Species: Ascidia conchilega is similar but green in colour and lives beneath rocks, shells, etc.

Key Identification Features:

Distribution Map: NBN map : National Biodiversity Network mapping facility, data for UK.

WoRMS: Species record : World Register of Marine Species.

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https://www.habitas.org.uk/marinelife/species.asp?item=ZD1500 Accessed on 2024-04-22

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