Labidoplax media (Ístergren, 1905)

Labidoplax media

Description: A tiny transparent worm-like holothurian which lives at the surface of soft mud. There are twelve tentacles each with four digits. The body wall is transparent and five longitudinal muscle-bands are visible internally by transparency. The spicules consist of anchors and racket-shaped anchor-plates with handles. 2-3cm in length.

Habitat: Lives at the surface or just buried in flocculent mud. Other species often present are Virgularia mirabilis and Philine quadripartita.

Distribution: Originally described from Scandinavia this species had only been found in the British Isles in Strangford Lough, N. Ireland. It has recently been discovered in similar very sheltered habitats in the sea lochs of the Outer Hebrides.

Similar Species: Labidoplax buski (McIntosh, 1866) is very similar but has 11 tentacles with a long terminal digit and a single pair of lateral digits.

Key Identification Features:

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