Echinocardium pennatifidum Norman, 1868

Echinocardium pennatifidum

Description: This heart urchin has coarser, more regularly arranged spines than other species of Echinocardium. The frontal ambulacrum is flush with the front of the test. This species is critically separated from Echinocardium flavescens by the short labrum and the absence of larger spines in the interambulacral areas of the upper side of the test. Up to 7cm in length.

Habitat: Lives buried in coarse gravel and sand mostly in the sublittoral region, common intertidally in the Channel Isles.

Distribution: Recorded from all round the British Isles apart from the North Sea coasts.

Similar Species: Most likely to be confused with other Echinocardium species.

Key Identification Features:

Distribution Map: NBN map : National Biodiversity Network mapping facility, data for UK.

WoRMS: Species record : World Register of Marine Species.

iNaturalist: Species account : iNaturalist World Species Observations database

 Picton, B.E. & Morrow, C.C. (2016). Echinocardium pennatifidum Norman, 1868. [In] Encyclopedia of Marine Life of Britain and Ireland. Accessed on 2024-06-24

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