Armina loveni (Bergh, 1860)

Armina loveni

Description: Armina loveni is a flattened, leaf-like nudibranch growing to 40mm in length. The mantle bears a series of longitudinal folds or grooves, with the two short stubby rhinophores in an indentation at the front. There is a cephalic shield across the front of the head. At the junction of the foot and mantle a deep groove containing small gills runs along the sides of the body. The mantle is brick-red to dirty brown in colour, with pale lines along the tops of the longitudinal ridges.

Habitat: This species is found crawling on the surface or burrowing in muddy sand, usually in company with sea-pens Virgularia mirabilis, on which it is presumed to feed. The spawn consists of a pale pink thread, tightly coiled in three dimensions.

Distribution: Infrequently recorded, with recent records from the Kenmare River and Galway Bay, Strangford Lough and near Oban. Other records indicate a distribution from Norway to the Atlantic coast of France.

Key Identification Features:

Distribution Map: NBN map : National Biodiversity Network mapping facility, data for UK.

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