Edwardsia timida de Quatrefages, 1842

Edwardsia timida

Description: The column of this burrowing sea anemone is similar to Edwardsia claparedii but even more elongated. There are 16-32 tentacles, arranged in 3 cycles. The colour of the disc, tentacles and scapulus is translucent pale orange, usually patterned with opaque white or cream, tentacles plain or with white tips. The column is up to 70mm long and 5mm diameter, span of tentacles to 40mm.

This species was described as a new species, Edwardsia callianthus by Rawlinson in 1935.

Habitat: Burrows in sand or gravel in moderate tidal streams. Occurs in sheltered localities from lower shore to the shallow sublittoral: usually abundant when present.

Distribution: Known only from a few localities in the Irish Sea and from the northern coast of France. May be more widely distributed but easily overlooked unless deliberately sought. Please notify any new records.

Similar Species: Different coloration from other Edwardsia spp., similar to Edwardsiella carnea but this lives amongst rocks. There are a number of other Edwardsia species in Scandinavia and France and this group of anemones are little studied, so more species may be present in our area.

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