Halcampa chrysanthellum (Peach, in Johnston, 1847)

Halcampa chrysanthellum

Description: This burrowing sea anemone has a very elongated, worm-like column with a rounded base which may be inflated and bulbous. The lower part of the column has microscopic adhesive papillae to which numerous sand grains usually adhere. The tentacles are short, 12 in number. Length of the column is up to 70mm, diameter to 5mm. The column is white, buff, or pink, longitudinally striped with alternate opaque and translucent lines. The disc is typically patterned with cream, reddish, and brown, but may be yellow, white, or buff, with or without a pattern.

Habitat: Burrows in gravel, sand or mud. Occasional on shore in sheltered localities, especially in or near beds of eel-grass (Zostera marina), or offshore to about 50m depth.

Distribution: Recorded from all coasts of Britain but rare in the North Sea; rather local. Also from northwest France. Possibly more widespread but status of related species is uncertain.

Similar Species: Peachia cylindrica and Halcampoides elongatus are larger with longer lentacles, Peachia has a conchula.

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Distribution Map: NBN map : National Biodiversity Network mapping facility, data for UK.

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