Pachycerianthus indet 

Pachycerianthus indet

Description: This large cerianthid anemone appears to have no valid scientific name, being referred to Cerianthus mediterraneus by french workers. It is a species of Pachycerianthus. Length of column and span of tentacles up to 200mm. Colour of inner tentacles white, marginal tentacles pale buff or chestnut with slightly darker brown bands. Number of marginal tentacles up to 150.

Habitat: Lives in a long tube, amongst rocks and gravel, from 10m depth.

Distribution: Recorded in the British Isles only from the Channel Isles, not found on the English side of the English Channel. Dick Manuel kept one in captivity at Oxford University which was nicknamed "Dorothy".

Similar Species: Similar in appearance to Pachycerianthus multiplicatus but in a different habitat.

Key Identification Features:

iNaturalist: Species account : iNaturalist World Species Observations database

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