Cervera cf. atlantica (Johnson, 1861)

Cervera cf. atlantica

Description: This tiny soft coral forms delicate, encrusting networks of polyps on slender stolons attached to rocks, shells and similar substrates. The expanded polyps are up to 20mm tall, translucent, and slightly brownish or pinkish in colour.

Habitat: Occurs on the lower shore and in the shallow sublittoral, 0-10m.

Distribution: This octocoral has only been recorded in Britain on one occasion, on the south coast of England. Being small and inconspicuous it is easily overlooked and may be more widespread in the British Isles. For further details see: P J Lopez-Gonzalez, O Ocana, J C Garcia-Gomez, J Nunez, 1995. North-eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean species of Cornulariidae Dana, 1846 (Anthozoa: Stolonifera) with the description of a new genus. Zoologische Mededelingen Leiden (1995) Volume: 69, Issue: 20, Pages: 261-272.

Similar Species: This species can be distinguished from Sarcodictyon catenatum by its slender stolons and relatively tall, very translucent polyps.

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