Links to a selection of websites covering Marine Life in the NE Atlantic. This is not an exhaustive list, just sites with good, original material.

ETI Identification guide to Sponges of the NE Atlantic Rob van Soest, Bernard Picton & Christine Morrow
Ulster Museum collection Searchable sponge collection database for the Ulster Museum
Sponge literature Searchable literature database for sponge references
Porifera mailing list archives Archive of messages to the Porifera mailing list
The World Hydrozoa Database - Peter Schuchert Front page to WoRMS site section on classification of hydroids.
The Bryozoa Home Page (
Ascidian Newsletter Home Page (
Dutch Ascidians Home Page (
Ascidian taxonomy training workshop, Portaferry.2008 course with course materials as PDFs
General sites
Mer Littoral - in French, with interesting species sections (