BioMar Survey of marine species and habitats of Ireland

Bernard E. Picton and Christine C. Morrow

The information in this site consists of :

The information may be listed or mapped by survey, site or species. The mapping uses Google Earth, which should be installed on the client computer - a broadband internet connection is needed. Google Earth is a free download from here. Each point mapped to Google Earth will link back into this site, it is recommended that you configure Google Earth to open URLs in a separate window (Tools, Option, Preferences, Show web results in external browser). The information presented is fully hypertext linked between the site database and the species descriptions. A special feature is the ability to link between species in photographs and their respective species descriptions.

The baseline information is importance to environmental managers, consultants and researchers. The biotope and species photographs and descriptions that illustrate these data provide a tool for studying marine species and biotopes.

This publication should be cited as:
Picton, B.E. and Morrow, C. C., 2006 BioMar Survey of marine species and habitats of Ireland, Ulster Museum, Belfast.

This Publication contributes to BioMar,
a project part-funded by the European Commission under the LIFE programme


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