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List shows families in taxonomic order

Below is a taxonomic list of all the families for this Order recorded on the Irish Checklist, and the number of species within each group. To view a list of the species within each family, click on the family name you are interested in.
By clicking the above link to "Alphabetical Stats", you can view this list in alphabetical order. Clicking the link to "Family List" will bring up a list of species per family, for all families of that Order in Ireland. By clicking the link to "Taxonomic Checklist" you can view the full Checklist for Ireland in taxonomic order, including recent updates. Have a look at the images below in greater detail by clicking on them.
Family ImageFamily NameNumber of Irish Species
Family imageNeritidae1
Family imageAciculidae1
Family imageViviparidae1
Family imageAssimineidae1
Family imageBithyniidae2
Family imageHydrobiidae5
Family imagePomatiidae1
Family imageTruncatellidae1
Family imageValvatidae2
Family imageAcroloxidae1
Family imageAgriolimacidae3
Family imageArionidae15
Family imageBoettgerillidae1
Family imageCarychiidae2
Family imageChondrinidae1
Family imageClausiliidae4
Family imageCochlicellidae1
Family imageCochlicopidae2
Family imageDiscidae1
Family imageEllobiidae3
Family imageEnidae1
Family imageEuconulidae2
Family imageFerussaciidae1
Family imageGastrodontidae2
Family imageHelicidae8
Family imageHygromiidae7
Family imageLauriidae2
Family imageLimacidae6
Family imageLymnaeidae7
Family imageMilacidae4
Family imageOtinidae1
Family imageOxychilidae7
Family imagePhysidae4
Family imagePlanorbidae12
Family imagePristilomatidae2
Family imagePunctidae1
Family imagePupillidae1
Family imagePyramidulidae1
Family imageSuccineidae5
Family imageTestacellidae3
Family imageValloniidae5
Family imageVertiginidae10
Family imageVitrinidae2
Family imageMargaritiferidae1
Family imageUnionidae2
Family imageDreissenidae1
Family imageSphaeriidae17