Ground Beetles of Ireland

Lebia chlorocephala

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Lebia chlorocephala
© Roy Anderson
Lebia chlorocephala
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Lebia chlorocephala (Hoffmannsegg, 1803)

Description: A colourful 6-8mm long metallic green and orange ground beetle whose larvae are parasitic on the pupae of leaf beetles of the genus Chrysolina. Usually found in the pupal cells of the host under bark and stones. Few records.

World Distribution: A Eurosiberian Wide-temperate species (64) distributed from Europe, except the extreme north and extreme south, eastwards to the Caucasus and western Siberia.

Irish Status: Its status as an Irish species rests on three old collections. Johnson & Halbert (1902) cite records for Lough Swilly, Donegal, Wooden Bridge, Wicklow and Wexford.

Ecology: In Europe it is reported from wet meadows and richly vegetated grassland or woodland edge habitats on clay soils.