Ground Beetles of Ireland

Badister unipustulatus

Badister unipustulatus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Badister unipustulatus Bonelli, 1813

Description: An medium-small (7-9mm) attractive bright orange and black Badister. Found in damp leaf litter and moss, in wooded swamps. Very local and south-western.

World Distribution: A European temperate species (73) distributed from northern and western Europe to Asia Minor, the Caucasus and west Siberia.

Irish Status: Local and rare and only in the south-west. Johnson & Halbert (1902) quote an unlocalised old record for Waterford but it has been taken on several occasions from the Killarney District of Kerry. There is a post-1970 record for the River Fergus at Dromore, Clare (R. Anderson, unpublished).

Ecology: Stenotopic for forest swamps along the richly vegetated margins of lakes and slow rivers.