Ground Beetles of Ireland

Badister bullatus

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Badister bullatus
© Roy Anderson
Badister bullatus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Badister bullatus (Schrank, 1798)

Description: An attractive, common, bright orange and black predatory ground beetle (5-6.5mm). Found in moss or litter in a variety of habitats including ditchbanks and gardens.

World Distribution: A Eurosiberian Wide-temperate species (64), widespread in Europe and distributed east to the Caucasus, Iran and west Siberia.

Irish Status: Widespread and fairly common, particularly on coasts.

Ecology: Less hygrophilous than others of the genus. Fairly eurytopic in gardens, dryish waste places and hedgerows and on coastal sand dunes. In wet areas it is usually restricted to steep, well-drained but moss-covered, roadside banks.