Ground Beetles of Ireland

Trichocellus cognatus

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Trichocellus cognatus
© Roy Anderson
Trichocellus cognatus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Trichocellus cognatus (Gyllenhal, 1827)

Description: A small (3.5-4.2mm), pubescent, blackish-brown ground beetle of open, sandy or peaty ground, especially on upland heather moors. Locally common in the north, rarer elsewhere.

World Distribution: A circumpolar Wide-Boreal species (36), found from southern Britain and Austria north to the Arctic Circle and east across Siberia into northern North America.

Irish Status: Widespread but very local, mainly on high ground.

Ecology: Favours well-drained peat with low Calluna or sandy moraine in heaths and mountains.