Ground Beetles of Ireland

Ophonus puncticeps

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Ophonus puncticeps
© Roy Anderson
Ophonus puncticeps
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Ophonus puncticeps (Stephens, 1828)

Description: A pubescent, 6.5-9mm long, brownish black, phytophagous ground beetle of open, ruderal habitats. Very local and not in the north.

World Distribution: A Suboceanic temperate (or Southern-temperate) species (72) distributed from southern Fennoscandia (rare) to the Mediterranean and east to Asia Minor. Introduced in N. America.

Irish Status: There is a Haliday record of this species for Belfast (Johnson & Halbert, 1902) under the name "Harpalus puncticollis, Payk.". However, all recent material collected in the Belfast area has been identified as Ophonus rufibarbis, and since there was considerable confusion among early workers about the separation of species within Ophonus, northern records are here disregarded. Widely but locally distributed mainly along coasts in southern counties.

Ecology: More local and southern than the closely related Ophonus rufibarbis. Mainly on sandy ground near coasts.