Ground Beetles of Ireland

Calathus rotundicollis

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Calathus rotundicollis
© Roy Anderson
Calathus rotundicollis
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Calathus rotundicollis Dejean, 1828

Description: A moderately large (8.5-10.5mm) black ground beetle living under stones, in leaf litter etc in hedgerows and woodland. Common.

World Distribution: A Mediterranean-Atlantic species (91), or possibly European Southern-temperate, found from south-east Fennoscandia through north-west Germany and the British Isles south, patchily, to the Iberian Peninsula, Italy and, as an outlier, in southern Greece.

Irish Status: Widespread except possibly in the west and on peaty soils.

Ecology: Regarded as a forest species in Europe, like C. micropterus, but in Ireland the ranges of the two rarely overlap. C. micropterus is primarily recorded from ground above the 200m contour, thus mainly on Calluna heath or in planted conifer forests on deep peat. C. rotundicollis is restricted to low ground where it has been found in deciduous and mixed woodlands and along untrimmed hedgerows. Its apparent scarcity in Fermanagh, which is comparatively well wooded, is difficult to explain.