Ground Beetles of Ireland

Pterostichus anthracinus

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Pterostichus anthracinus
© Roy Anderson
Pterostichus anthracinus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Pterostichus anthracinus (Panzer, 1795)

Description: 11-18mm long shining black ground beetle. Predatory, living on wet or very wet soils in hayfields, wet woods and swampy lakeshores. Widespread but local.

World Distribution: A European temperate species (73), widely distributed in south, west and central Europe east to the Caucasus and Iran.

Irish Status: Mainly recorded from the Erne River System of Fermanagh and very thinly distributed elsewhere but confusion with other species is possible. Southern in Britain (Luff, 1998).

Ecology: Hygrophilous/thermophilous on partially shaded clayey or humus-rich soil on the margins of eutrophic lakes and, more locally, in fens. Found on arable land in central Europe (Lys & Nentwig, 1992), but has not been recorded either on arable land or agricultural grasslands in Ireland.