Ground Beetles of Ireland

Bembidion tetracolum

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Bembidion tetracolum
© Roy Anderson
Bembidion tetracolum
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Bembidion tetracolum Say, 1823

Description: 5-6mm long black ground beetle with 4 orange-brown spots. Very common in in a variety of habitats including grassland, wetland margins, riverbanks, gardens etc.

World Distribution: A widespread Eurosiberian Wide-temperate species (64) distributed over the whole of Europe and into western Siberia and introduced into North America.

Irish Status: One of the commonest Bembidion species in our area and found in a great variety of disturbed as well as riparian habitats. Throughout, but less common in the west.

Ecology: Eurytopic, occurring on a variety of sparsely vegetated soils including gardens, but commonest along riverbanks and lakeshores. It features frequently in pitfall catches of Carabidae from pasture and arable land.