Ground Beetles of Ireland

Bembidion pallidipenne

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Bembidion pallidipenne
© Roy Anderson
Bembidion pallidipenne
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Bembidion pallidipenne (Illiger, 1802)

Description: An attractive small (4-5mm) yellow and greenish-bronze ground beetle found running on clean fine sands on sheltered marine beaches and sandy lakeshores. Local.

World Distribution: An Oceanic temperate species (71) found along coasts in Europe from extreme south and west Fennoscandia to north Spain and Portugal.

Irish Status: Abundant on sandy shorelines around Lough Neagh. and on sheltered sandy beaches at widely separated points around the Irish coast.

Ecology: Psammophilous and recorded only from damp, fine-sand habitats on the sea coast or on Lough Neagh. A common associate of Dyschirius obscurus on Lough Neagh, but in coastal habitats found with other species of Dyschirius. Increased human disturbance of coastal beaches constitutes a serious threat in several localities.