Ground Beetles of Ireland

Asaphidion flavipes

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Asaphidion flavipes
© Roy Anderson
Asaphidion flavipes
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Asaphidion flavipes (Linnaeus, 1761)

Description: A small (4-5mm) bronze ground beetle with very prominent eyes. This species was recently split as A. flavipes sensu stricto from A. curtum. The status of A. flavipes s.s. in Ireland is uncertain but it is likely to be much the rarer of the two segregate species.

World Distribution: The distribution of A. flavipes sensu stricto is uncertain due to conflation with closely related species but it is probably widely distributed across north and central Europe. In the sense of the aggregate species a Eurosiberian Wide-temperate (63) distribution applies.

Irish Status: Older Irish records of A. flavipes sensu lato refer almost entirely to A. curtum. The only published record of A. flavipes sensu stricto is that of Speight (1986) for Killarney, Kerry.

Ecology: Has a rather similar ecology to that of A. curtum but is of much more restricted distribution in Britain and Ireland. It has been described as more hygrophilous than A. curtum (Speight, 1986) and is reported from damp localities near water (Luff, 1998).