Ground Beetles of Ireland

Trechus quadristriatus

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Trechus quadristriatus
© Roy Anderson
Trechus quadristriatus
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(Maps updated 30th November 2009)

Trechus quadristriatus (Schrank, 1781)

Description: 3.5-4mm long yellowish-brown ground beetle. Less common than the very similar T. obtusus and absent from wetter, more peaty habitats.

World Distribution: A European Wide-temperate species (63) with a wider distribution than T. obtusus, extending across Europe from central Fennoscandia to the Mediterranean, the Caucasus and western Turkestan.

Irish Status: More sparingly distributed than T. obtusus. Scarce in large areas of the north and west where peaty or less well-drained soils predominate. In Britain, there is a similar easterly and southerly bias to its distribution in comparison with T. obtusus (Luff, 1998).

Ecology: More xerophilous than T. obtusus in Ireland, and the two are rarely recorded together although their ranges overlap widely. Most often recorded from arable farmland and dryish coastal habitats. Found on arable ground across Europe.